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The 'main search' tab (top right hand corner) looks a bit like a search button, so please be aware that clicking it will only open or close the search box.  To submit your search, you need to click the little magnifying glass icon, or just press return.

Use the 'main search' above to find parts by name, number, colour, description etc. 
Your search results will be displayed under this secondary 'quick search' box:

This secondary 'quick search' box only searches our product numbers and product codes.
Searching for words or descriptions will not produce any results, so please disregard the misleading prompt!

To search for a specific part in a particular colour, use the design ID and colour code separated with an underscore like this: 3001_red

Wildcard * asterisk:
To find 2x4 bricks in any colour, use 3001_*
To find all parts in dark red colour, use *_drd

Click the search button below to try the 'quick search' for yourself. 
You can find our colour codes here if you need to refer before you search.


Filter by Torso Base Colour

Minifig torsos are generally amongst the most difficult LEGO parts to identify / find, so we've taken a completely new approach to cataloging and naming of torso assemblies. 

As a first step in the torso identification process, we've made it quick and easy to filter torsos by condition and base colour ie.  The colour of the ABS plastic from which the torso is molded, ignoring the arms, hands and printed design.  In the screenshot below, we filtered out everything except Yellow (or Bright Yellow as LEGO calls it).  Remember to use just one of the colour naming systems, AFOL or LEGO, but never use both at the same time or no results will be returned.
We hope you'll find this feature increasingly useful as we continue to add more torsos in due course.

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