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Colour Code AFOL Colour Name LEGO Colour Name
AQA Aqua Light Blue Green
BLK Black Black
BLE Blue Bright Blue
BVT Blue-Violet Royal Blue
BGN Bright Green Bright Green
BLB Bright Light Blue Light Royal Blue
BLO Bright Light Orange Flame Yellow Orange
BLY Bright Light Yellow Cool Yellow
BPK Bright Pink Light Purple
BRN Brown Earth Orange
C-ABS Chrome Antique Brass Chrome Brass
C-BLK Chrome Black Chrome Black
C-BLE Chrome Blue Chrome Blue
C-GOD Chrome Gold Chrome Gold
C-GRN Chrome Green Chrome Green
C-PIK Chrome Pink Chrome Pink
C-SIR Chrome Silver Chrome Silver
COR Copper Copper
DAE Dark Azure Dark Azur
DBE Dark Blue Earth Blue
DBV Dark Blue-Violet Dark Royal Blue
DBG Dark Bluish Grey Dark Stone Grey
DBN Dark Brown Dark Brown
DFH Dark Flesh Brown
DGN Dark Green Earth Green
DGY Dark Grey Dark Grey
DOE Dark Orange Dark Orange
DPK Dark Pink Bright Purple
DPE Dark Purple Med Lilac
DRD Dark Red Dark Red
DTN Dark Tan Sand Yellow
DTE Dark Turquoise Bright Blue Green
EOE Earth Orange Light Orange Brown
F-BRN Fabuland Brown Fabuland Brown
F-ORE Fabuland Orange Fabuland Orange
FDG Flat Dark Gold Metallic Sand Yellow
FSR Flat Silver Metallic Cool Silver
FLH Flesh Nougat
GT-CLR Glitter Trans-Clear Glitter Trans
GT-DPK Glitter Trans-Dark Pink Glitter Trans Med Red Violet
GT-LBE Glitter Trans-Light Blue Glitter Trans Light Blue
GT-NGN Glitter Trans-Neon Green Glitter Trans Fluor Green
GT-PUE Glitter Trans-Purple Glitter Trans Bright Blue Violet
GDO Glow In Dark Opaque White Glow
GDT Glow In Dark Trans Green Glow
GDW Glow In Dark White White Glow
GRN Green Dark Green
LAR Lavender Lavender
LAA Light Aqua Aqua
LBE Light Blue Light Blue
LBG Light Bluish Grey Med Stone Grey
LFH Light Flesh Light Nougat
LGN Light Green Light Green
LGY Light Grey Grey
LLE Light Lime Light Yellow Green
LOE Light Orange Light Orange
LPK Light Pink Light Pink
LPE Light Purple Bright Red Lilac
LSN Light Salmon Light Red
LTE Light Turquoise Med Blue Green
LVT Light Violet Light Blue Violet
LYW Light Yellow Light Yellow
LIE Lime Bright Yellow Green
MKB Maersk Blue Pastel Blue
MAA Magenta Bright Red Violet
MAE Medium Azure Medium Azur
MBE Medium Blue Medium Blue
MDF Medium Dark Flesh Med Nougat
MDP Medium Dark Pink Med Red Violet
MGN Medium Green Med Green
MLR Medium Lavender Med Lavender
MLE Medium Lime Med Yellow Green
MOE Medium Orange Bright Yellow Orange
MVT Medium Violet Med Blue Violet
P-BLE Metal Blue Metallic Sand Blue
M-GOD Metallic Gold Warm Gold Lacquer
M-GRN Metallic Green Metallic Lemon
M-SIR Metallic Silver Cool Silver Lacquer
MWE Milky White Natural
OGN Olive Green Olive Green
ORE Orange Bright Orange
P-DGY Pearl Dark Grey Titanium Metallic
P-GOD Pearl Gold Warm Gold
P-LGD Pearl Light Gold Gold Metallic
P-LGY Pearl Light Grey Silver Metallic
P-WHE Pearl White White Metallic
PIK Pink Pink
PUE Purple Bright Violet
RED Red Bright Red
RBN Reddish Brown Red Brown
RUT Rust Rust
SAN Salmon Med Brick Red
SBE Sand Blue Sand Blue
SGN Sand Green Sand Green
SPE Sand Purple Sand Violet
SRD Sand Red Sand Red
SYB Sky Blue Dove Blue
S-BCR Speckle Black-Copper Glitter Black Copper
S-BGD Speckle Black-Gold Glitter Black Gold
S-BSR Speckle Black-Silver Glitter Black Silver
S-DBGS Speckle DBGrey-Silver Glitter Dark Stone
TAN Tan Brick Yellow
T-BLK Trans Black Trans Brown
T-BGN Trans Bright Green Trans Bright Green
T-CLR Trans Clear Trans
T-DBE Trans Dark Blue Trans Blue
T-DPK Trans Dark Pink Trans Med Red Violet
T-GRN Trans Green Trans Green
T-LBE Trans Light Blue Trans Light Blue
T-LPE Trans Light Purple Trans Red Violet
T-MBE Trans Medium Blue Trans Fluor Blue
T-NGN Trans Neon Green Trans Fluor Green
T-NOE Trans Neon Orange Trans Fluor Red Orange
T-NYW Trans Neon Yellow Trans Fluor Yellow
T-ORE Trans Orange Trans Bright Orange
T-PIK Trans Pink Trans Bright Purple
T-PUE Trans Purple Trans Bright Blue Lilac
T-RED Trans Red Trans Red
T-VLB Trans Very Lt Blue Trans Light Blue Green
T-YEW Trans Yellow Trans Yellow
V-LBG Very Light Bluish Grey Light Stone Grey
V-LGY Very Light Grey Light Grey
V-LOE Very Light Orange Light Yellow Orange
VIT Violet Bright Bluish Violet
WHE White White
YEW Yellow Bright Yellow
YGN Yellowish Green Spring Yellow Green
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